Cane Field Digital

a subsidiary of Harrington LLC

Working together

What we can do for you depends on what you do or want. Quality time is spent talking and drawing pictures. It's the best place to start. We explain the plus and minus of various designs so you make your choices from a point of experience. Several prototypes are created for your approval or comments.

Then we build it. We can handle minimalist websites for high level professionals or organizations or personality sites with sparkling blogs and fun things to read. E-commerce and other touches can be done for your site too.

Our rates are based on per project for website creation. If you would like us to maintain the site afterwards (we recommended it) we can work out a per hour basis or a flat fee.

Maintaining a site is complex. The Webmaster tests the site daily, looking for problems that can creep in or need to be updated. Refreshing the look on a regular basis is important. Items, articles, and blogs are updated, usually with a less than one day turnaround depending on the complexity. Store items and e-commerce updated as needed, again usually the same day.

It's important to understand websites are not inexpensive. They require care and attention and the best person to do that is the one that built it. While maintenance is not a large cost, it is an ongoing one that needs to be budgeted.

If you have questions, please send us an email and we'll be glad to get into more detail to help with your decision.

Cane Field Digital is a subsidiary of Harrington LLC. This 40-year umbrella organization specializes in audio and video work. Those resources can be brought to your website. Editing, converting video and posting within the website. Same with audio. We strive to be a one-stop company for your website projects.

Contact us and let's start working together